Duc de Mourgues Duc de Mourgues is a French DJ and producer. The 23 year-old musician used to play the piano and the violin conducted by jazz partitions. His versatility made him discover and appreciate many musical styles, particularly electronic music for whom he switched his instruments for turntables six years ago.

After joining the collective Beats & Koko from 2014 to 2016, he quickly saw his name on famous parisian clubs such as Batofar, Badaboum, Faust, Rex Club, Wanderlust... But also at Nantes, Sainte-Maxime, Barcelona (Macarena club) and more recently in famous french festival Marvellous Island. Therefore, he played alongside international artists such as Agoria, Popof, Kölsch, Benoît & Sergio, Anna, Einmusik or Matthias Meyer. Since 2017, Duc is resident in the Karoussel agency and has just released his first EP on berlin based label Code2 Records. A second EP was released on Reload Records in March and has been in the top techno charts during several weeks.


Date Venue City Infos
01.05.2020 Nexus Pantin
POSTPONED Yoyo - Palais de Tokyo Paris
01.02.2020 Seguin Boulogne
29.11.2019 Altoria Leamington Spa
12.07.2019 Wanderlust Paris
29.06.2019 FG Radio Paris
10.06.2019 Uncoded Radio London
01.06.2019 Caves Saint Sabin Paris